Iceland proved to be a paradise! Amazing waterfalls and spectacular scenery. Here are a few of the amazing sites we visited.

Black and White glacier pool
Ben Brown Drowning Drop Tight.
Fisher Drowning Drop
Gyser in Iceland - Old Faithful
Aldeyjarfoss - Ben Brown
Aldeyjarfoss, Steve Fisher
Jarred on Godafoss River right
Ben on Godafoss - River Right
Steve on Godafoss - River RIght
Horses in Iceland - Godafoss
Waterfall of the gods living up to its name
Steve Fisher, Iceland, close up
Steve Fisher booting, Iceland
Steve Fisher, waterfall, Iceland
Ben Brown, Hobbit Run
Follow the leader
Icelandic Scenery - mist rolls in.
J-dog, Jarred Meehan, Iceland Waterfall, Addidas
Fisher IMG_6520
Icelandic Scenery
Iceburg paddling
Steve Fisher, Kayak, Iceland