Join me as I team up with Nate Nash and Dan Campbell to shoot an episode for FOCUSED. Along for the ride was Steve Fisher, Dave  Fisher, Shane Raw and Ben Brown. We started in the south of the country and photographed some of the classic kayak runs. Moving up through the Romsdal region with the picturesque Trollstigen and finally ending in the Sjoa region. Waterlevels were not ideal but the crew managed to scratch up enough of the good stuff to make it a highly successful trip.

Flemming Foss, Lower Rauma, Norway, Kayaking
Shane Raw, Steve Fisher, Lower Rauma
Triple Drop
Tunel Drop, Norway Kayaking
Steve Fisher, Nose Breaker, Waterfall in Norway
Taking it in.
Shane and Steve on Lower Rauma
Shane Raw going big!
Shane Raw kayaking in Norway
Ben Brown, Rainbow, Lower Rauma
Gold at the end of the Rainbow.
Troll Wall bridge crossing
Glacier shuttle driving.