In the land of plenty… there was defintiely plenty to do!

Tyler Curtis Waterfall
Steve Fisher - Pec-scie waterfall
St Ursule - Quebec
Steve Fisher, Astro, Riot Kayaks, Lachine Rapids, Montreal
Steve Fisher, Astro, Riot Kayaks, Lachine Rapids, Montreal
Astro, Riot Kayaks, Lachine Rapids, Steve Fisher
Ice Kayaking, Cold water, Pat Camblin
Steve Fisher big wave helicopter shot over shoulder
Kayaking, Waterfalls, Extreme Sport, Tyler Curtis.
Jetski on Lachine, Red Bull, Ben Brown, Steve Fisher
chaudiere falls, Kayaking, Tyler Curtis
Tyler Curtis, Canada, Steve Fisher, Accident, Kayaking Injury
YGP RedBull Jetski on Lachine
Waterfall, Steve Fisher, Kayaking Canada
Extreme, Kayaking, Playboating, White Water
Kayaking, Jimmy Blakeney, Wavesport kayaks.
Kayaking, Tow In, Riot Kayaks
Kayaking, Extreme Sport, Playboating,
Big water, kayaking, extreme sport, Ottawa River,
Kayaking, Extreme Sport, Playboating
Steve Fisher, White Water, Kayaking,
Tyler Curtis, White Water, Kayaking, Extreme Sport, Photos By Des, Desre Tate