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The photography of Desre Tate (Pickers)
Redbull Illume winning photo, Victoria Falls, three kayakers,
African Child waiting on the road,
Children in Zambia
Surfing the Zambezi River, Gavin Sutherland
Rusty Sage, #11, Zambezi River, Standing wave
Zambezi High Water, Rapid #11, Rusty Sage
Barrel Wave, Zambezi, High Water, Kayaking
Dale Jardine, Kayaking, Zambezi High Water, #11
Batoka Gorge, rafting, Kayaking, Zambezi High Water, #11
Beaker, Standing wave, Barrel Wave,
Barrel Wave, Standing wave, River surfing,
Steve Fisher
Boabab, Africa, Big Tree
Centipede, zambezi river, walk in , put in, kayaking, wildlife
Helicopter pick up with Tyler Curtis and Steve Fisher
Dan Campbell, Rapid #9, Zambezi High Water
Zambezi, Sunset, Africa
Kayakers, victoria falls, award winning photo
Kayaking Award Winning photo, Three kayakers victoria Falls,

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