Travel – Scenery

I live this lifestyle because of the scenes and situations I find myself in or around. What makes it so special? Its the people I meet, the places I go and the lifestyle I lead.

Beach of Havelock 7, India
Child sitting on beach.
One of the islands
Fig trees on Ross Island, India
Chair looking out to see
Fish on a bbq
Hammock in Thailand
Being at sea
Last of the colour
Reflections of the pond, Canada
Daisy, Colours
Bike in Zambia
Flowers, Purple
New Zealand Sunset - 4091
NZ End of Day - 4009
Stacking stones
Masai - Tanzania
Shuttle Driving in Lesotho
Maletsunyane Falls - Lesotho
Lighthouse on isle de la madeleine
Childish Statue: Isle de la Madeleine, Canada
Paragliding in Canada
Silhouette  -CRW_1616
ice crystals
Sunsetting on wheat fields
Arches Nation Park, Utah